Navigating Dental Visits for Kids with Autism

Our pediatric dentists are skilled in treating kids on the autism spectrum since a dental appointment for a child with autism may be frightening. Every kid is special to us, and our staff works hard to provide each patient with individualised care. The long-term objective of our programme is to get to know your kid, adjust to their requirements, and keep visiting them for many years.

How to get ready for a dental exam with your child

  • Schedule your child’s dental examination as soon as possible: Did you know that children should receive their first dental examination by the time they are one? Children with autism should pay extra attention to this since they are more likely to have cavities than other kids. The quantity of carbs and sweets in your child’s diet as well as their at-home oral hygiene regimen are a couple of variables that may raise their risk for cavities.
  • Establish a consistent dental routine at home: It’s important to brush your child’s teeth at home twice daily for two minutes to help them become acclimated to the “brushing feeling” on their teeth. In this manner, their dentist checkup at Children Dental Center Indianapolis IN won’t be as shocking. Use a manual toothbrush and let them brush at their own speed before bed. Use a toothbrush that is suitable for their age so that it fits comfortably in their mouth. Each youngster has a varied threshold for sensory input. Some children don’t like how an electric toothbrush feels or makes noise.
  • Use Your child’s communication tablet as part of their oral health routine: Communication tablets may be crucial in reinforcing routines and habits in both the home and while acclimating to a new environment for children with autism, who often adapt well to a structured schedule. We advise you to create a symbol for tooth brushing on your child’s communication tablet if they have one at home. They may include it into their daily regimen by using it in the mornings and just before night.
  • Play videos or music for your child about dental visits: If your child appreciates music or films, there are a tone of internet videos and songs that might help them feel less anxious about seeing the dentist. Start introducing your youngster to kid-friendly films on dental exams or how to wash their teeth. You can make it interactive by having them watch you clean your teeth before they brush theirs after you’ve seen the video together. These are fantastic strategies for making oral health enjoyable.

What to anticipate when your child visits the dentist

Our team members and pediatric dentists work to respect our patients’ limits and only do procedures that they are at ease with during your child’s dental visit. Even if all we can do is count their teeth, take x-rays, or wash their teeth, those are positive milestones! We acknowledge the little successes because they build up and make going to the Childrens Dentist Indianapolis IN more comfortable for your kid.

We may provide your kid a weighted blanket or vest when we call you back and get them comfy in the dentist chair at Kids Dentist Indianapolis IN to make them feel at ease and at ease throughout their visit. Please let us know if you believe that your kid might benefit from these protective stabilising techniques. In order to foster familiarity and consistency, Pediatric Dentist Indianapolis IN make every effort to match your kid with the same member of staff and dentist each time they see them.

Pediatric Dentistry Indianapolis IN staff may take steps to make the setting more sensory-friendly if your kid is sensory sensitive. Dimming the lights, closing the door to block out noise, turning off the TV, utilising equipment that is quieter, or providing them with sunglasses are some examples of how to achieve this.

Pediatric Dentistry Indianapolis IN use the “Tell, Show, Do Method” with every patient for every phase of the dental visit.

  • Inform them of our plan of action. We provide extremely clear explanations of what will occur.
  • Demonstrate to them what we’re doing. We show them how to utilise each instrument, which reduces their fear and gets them ready for what comes next.
  • Carry out what we plan to accomplish. We carefully carry out the previously shown technique or process.

We still strive to apply the “Tell, Show, Do Method” in the same way if your kid is not vocal since it may help to improve their experience. We are aware that no two kids are alike, and what works for one child may not work for another.

We will do a dental cleaning and our doctor will inspect your child’s teeth during the dental examination. If the doctor recommends it and your kid is cooperative, further treatments, such as taking X-rays and administering fluoride, may also be carried out. Your pediatric dentist will give you the opportunity to ask any questions or voice any worries you may have.

Parents may always turn to our staff for guidance and assistance anytime they need it. Increasing the frequency of your child’s dental checkups may be advised depending on their specific requirements and amount of risk for acquiring cavities.

Let us assist you!

There is a space to write “my kid has autism” in the Medical History section of the New Patient Paperwork. We welcome parents to share any triggers their children may have or suggestions for how we might assist them feel more at ease with us. In order for us to be completely ready for your child’s visit, please let us know as soon as possible. It is always preferable to overcommunicate than to undercommunicate. Any details will be mentioned in our visit schedule so the staff and physicians are aware of it in advance. You may be confident that our staff will make every effort to ensure that your visit runs well and that you and your kid are in a secure setting.

You may also want to think about if your kid tends to feel more at ease or relaxed at certain times of the day, such as just after lunch or right after a nap. If you can, try to make their appointment within this period. To have a great, stress-free dental visit, patients must schedule their appointment around their daily schedule.