First Timers


After graduating from dental school, we went through two additional years of training specifically focused on the nuances of working with children, teens, and those with special needs. Whether this is your infant child’s first dental visit or they are old enough to think about college, rest assured we know what they need to have the best possible smile.


Time after time, our patients tell us that our AMAZING TEAM is what sets us apart. With over 150 years of experience at each office, each team member has a unique ability to make your child feel comfortable. They take great care to ensure each appointment is a special one. Whether it be during check-in or for a complex procedure, our team’s #1 priority is to make a significant impact on the lives of our patients. It is these deeper relationships that differentiate our office and why our amazing team is second to none.


A traditional dental office environment can overwhelm even the bravest children (and even adults). Our office caters to your child and we have put significant effort into creating a comfortable environment. From the bright colors and playful imagery to our basketball room and train station, our goal is to put your child (and you) at ease. We know the dentist can be stressful, but it is our goal to make the experience an enjoyable one!


There is no one more familiar to YOUR child than YOU, which is why we encourage you to accompany them during their visit. Your presence with them is paramount in helping them feel at ease and we will do our best to interact with both of you so they feel like we are all in this together.

Positive Reinforcement

Celebrating even the small successes can be a BIG deal! Either with a big smile, verbal praise or a high five, we are firm believers in guiding children to appropriate behaviors. Highlighting good behavior is vital to future success at the dentist.

Providing Options

Our office prides itself in making your child (and you) feel comfortable. Whether it is picking out their toothbrush or figuring out whether to sit in the chair or your lap for their appointment, we can adapt to what makes your child most at ease. Giving your child the opportunity to make simple decisions lets them have some control and ultimately decreases their anxiety.


Some patients feel more comfortable by watching others do the same procedure. Older children or siblings sometimes serve as a great example for younger patients to watch and realize how easy a procedure may be. We often find ourselves giving their favorite baby doll or super hero a check-up to let them be actively involved and understand the appointment process.


This technique is utilized by carefully explaining what the procedure entails on a level each child can understand, demonstrating the steps of the procedure, and then performing the procedure exactly as described.

Voice Control

Voice is a very powerful tool. All team members use a calm and pleasant tone when speaking to children, which helps direct their attention and behavior in a positive way.

Preparing for your first visit. (Info to share with your child.)

  • Can you imagine your child…excited to go to the dentist? That is our goal! Your child’s first trip to the dentist is very important. Our hope is to promote a positive foundation that will lead to many subsequent, successful visits.
  • During your first visit:
    • We will provide information and help you develop a personalized plan to hopefully eliminate potentially harmful and unhealthy habits.
    • We will spend ample time helping your child feel very comfortable. We realize the sights and sounds of a dental office can be intimidating, but our special techniques paired with our team’s approach can lead to a great experience for them and for you.
    • We will thoroughly assess your child’s medical history, current oral habits, at-home oral care, and cavity risk status. We will also provide you with advice on fun and effective brushing practices that are age appropriate.
    • We will have your child’s teeth professionally cleaned by a licensed hygienist and thoroughly examined by one of our specially trained doctors. Dental x-rays are typically taken around the age of four, however they may be indicated at a younger age.
Dental Care for your new baby

Dental Care for your new baby

The American Academy of Pediatrics as well as the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry encourage parents to establish a dental home by age ONE. Visiting the dentist at an early age is equally important to the well-baby visits with your pediatrician. This dental ‘well-baby check’ not only gives you a place for comprehensive oral care and treatment of dental emergencies, but it also encourages the formation of a relationship between you, your child and our team.