Prevent Childhood Tooth Decay Early

Are you afraid of the dentist? Sadly, many people are. About 36% of the population is fearful of the dentist. Where does that fear come from? Like most fears, it comes from childhood. Of course, when you consider that many kids’ dental experiences involve drills and injections, can you blame them?

Sealing In Decay The excellent news is that as we learn and study more about tooth decay, advancements are made, and thanks to that research, we have found new treatments that don’t require injections or drilling. This technique works by placing a small stainless steel crown over affected baby teeth to seal the tooth decay.

When you plug in the tooth decay, it locks in the bacteria that cause the tooth to decay. It also stops the bacteria from getting oxygen and sugar— two elements they need to survive. Once the crown goes in, the bacteria are no longer able to produce acid— which is responsible for dissolving tooth enamel and causing cavities— so the disease is forced to stop. Research has found that sealing tooth decay avoided toothaches and infection for 2-5 years in 93-98% of pediatric dentist patients. The pediatric dental center patients where the research took place preferred the seals or found it as easy to cope with as traditional drilling and filling.

A separate study found this sealing technique effectively uses specialty crowns that require injections, drilling, and removing the decay. What’s more, studies in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Sudan found the technique is cheaper than traditional drilling and filling.

A Highly Prevalent Condition A 2015 study found that untreated childhood tooth decay was the tenth most common health condition globally, impacting 573 million, or 9% of children. In adult teeth, un-treated childhood tooth decay was the most common health condition; it affects 35% of the global population – almost 2.4 billion people.

Consequences of Childhood Tooth Decay Studies show that even when seen and treated by dentists, more than 40% of kids with tooth decay experienced pain, infection, or both. Kids who develop tooth decay before they start school are more likely to suffer the consequences of tooth decay later on in life. 

Preventing Tooth Decay Finding an experienced pediatric dentist in Indianapolis is the first step in keeping your child’s mouth healthy. A child’s teeth can have an enormous impact on their health if tooth decay problems are left untreated. This is why it’s so important that as soon as your child’s first tooth appears, you take them to a pediatric dental center regularly and that they form good toothbrushing habits.

One of the essential factors in dental treatment is that kids and their parents can trust their dentist. Positive experiences and less dental anxiety were reported when patients’ dentists listened, explained procedures thoroughly, and were gentle, car-ing, and patient. The pediatric dentist team in Indianapolis takes those qualities to heart and aims to provide care that is long-lasting for our patients. 

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