Protecting Children in Sports: Why Mouthguards Matter

Many of our patients are involved in sports in their schools or communities. This is the ideal moment to talk about how sports mouthguards may help keep smiles safe on the field and the court! Please continue reading for further details on the relevance of athletic mouthguards for kids and how they preserve teeth while participating in sports.

Why are athletic mouthguards necessary?

Mouth protection is just as crucial for oral safety as helmets and padding are while engaging in sports. While mouthguards may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about contact sports, they may help prevent many teeth from being lost or dislocated due to sports accidents. These injuries may be readily avoided by using a mouthguard that fits correctly.

Mouthguards are the simplest and most effective way to protect an athlete’s teeth. They are inexpensive, simple to use, and may help avoid injuries even in high-contact sports like football and hockey.

Mouthguards, on the other hand, aren’t simply for sports where substantial impact is anticipated. They also offer cushioning in low-impact or light-contact sports. Even minor amounts of pressure may hurt the mouth and produce minor incisions or scratches to the gums and cheeks; thus, this is helpful.

Sports-related mouth injuries may occur in scrapes and bruises along the gum line, dislocated cheek tissue, fractured teeth, and damaged jaw bones. The blow to the mouth might be substantially more forceful if the teeth are not adequately covered, increasing the risk of trauma.

Furthermore, the potential harm might have far-reaching consequences. Sportsmen with neck and jaw injuries have suffered from stiffness and agony for years. Furthermore, if a permanent tooth is badly injured, the kid athlete will have to deal with replacements, crowns, and dental implants for the rest of their life.

Who needs to use a mouthguard?

Mouthguards are a fantastic investment in the oral health of any patient. While a custom-fitted mouthguard is best, we recommend using any mouthguard while engaging in sports and other vigorous activities.

Because oral injuries may be readily avoided by wearing a mouthguard, we strongly advise our patients to do so when engaging in competitive and recreational sports, especially those that involve impact, contact, or collision. Basketball, martial arts, boxing, rugby, football, soccer, handball, water polo, field and ice hockey, wrestling, lacrosse, acrobatics, skateboarding, baseball, skiing, bicycling, skydiving, softball, field events, squash, gymnastics, surfing, volleyball, racquetball, weightlifting, and other physical activities all benefit from the use of a properly fitted mouthguard.

Mouthguards come in a variety of styles

Mouthguards are divided into three types: ready-made, mouth-formed, and custom-made. Each variety will differ in terms of price, flexibility, comfort, and protection, so consult Children Dental Center Indianapolis IN to find the ideal match for your kid athlete.

  1. Stock (ready-made)

These are the most popular mouthguards, and they can be found at most sports goods shops. They are the cheapest mouthguard and do not need Pediatric Dentistry Indianapolis IN appointments, making them an excellent alternative for athletes on a budget. They are, however, only accessible in a restricted range of sizes and must be kept in place by closing the mouth. It may be less efficient than other mouthguards since it is not customized to the patient’s mouth.

  1. Mouth-shaped (boil and bite)

These mouthguards are self-adapting and will soften when put in hot water. The patient will place it in their mouth after it has cooled enough. Bite pressure will help it adapt to the patient’s mouth, with some help from the tongue and fingers. A Pediatric Dentistry Indianapolis IN specialist may help with the final moulding if it is required. This might be very beneficial if the patient receives orthodontic therapy with braces. This mouthguard is also commonly available at sporting goods shops and is mostly intended for home usage.

  1. Custom-made

In most dental and orthodontic facilities, custom mouthguards are available. They’re made from a patient’s mouth imprints and provide the finest fit, adjustability, and comfort. Custom-made mouthguards are the greatest approach to properly protect a patient’s mouth while engaging in sports of any type. They are the most costly choice and will need a visit to the office to manufacture.

While the price and comfort of these mouthguards vary, they all offer damage prevention. Whatever mouthguard is chosen, it should be comfortable, tear-resistant, and composed of durable material. It should also be comfortable and secure to wear, as well as simple to clean and have high-impact energy absorption to lessen transmitted forces in the event of a collision. Mouthguards should never restrict breathing.

Despite mouthguards’ effectiveness, we always recommend that patients call our office as soon as possible if their mouth is directly impacted while participating in sports. Depending on the circumstances, we may propose an emergency Kids Dentist Indianapolis IN visit.

Taking Care of Mouthguards

Patients should clean their mouthguards before and after each usage to make them last longer. A mouthguard may also be cleaned using a toothbrush and toothpaste. Mouthguards should be carefully cleaned now and then by gently rubbing them in cold, soapy water. After that, make sure you rinse it well.

Mouthguards should be stored in a ventilated container and never exposed to the sun or hot water. Patients should regularly inspect their mouthguards for wear and tear and replace them as needed.

Patients should not use removable items like retainers with mouthguards for the greatest outcomes. Patients should use a mouthguard throughout both practice and games. We also suggest attending the Childrens Dentist Indianapolis IN before each season and getting frequent Kids Dentist Indianapolis IN check-ups throughout the year. Bring your mouthguard in for a fitting at your next Pediatric Dentist Indianapolis IN appointment, and we’ll ensure it fits properly.

So, the conclusion is that you should compel your children involve in sports activities to wear athletic mouthguards. It will save them from any great damage while playing. Moreover, it is necessary to properly take care of these mouthguards.