Understanding Dental Cleanings

Regular cleanings are an essential part of your family’s dental health, but we know that dental cleanings can seem uncomfortable or scary to small children. It can be challenging for little ones to understand why they need to have their teeth cleaned at the dentist when they already brush and floss every day at home. When you’re looking for pediatric dentist Indianapolis options, make sure you find a kid-friendly dentist like Pediatric Dentistry West that will take all the fear and anxiety out of dental visits. Dental cleanings are essential for everyone, even children and babies. Learn why you need dental cleanings, as well as what to expect the next time your child gets into the dentist’s chair.

Why Is A Dental Cleaning Important?

When your kids get old enough to talk, they might wonder why they need to have their teeth cleaned at the dentist. Many adults get anxious when it’s time to go to the dentist, so it’s no surprise that children face these same worries. However, any Indianapolis kid’s dentist will agree that regular cleanings are essential. Here are some reasons why every child should have their teeth cleaned at a pediatric dental center, even if they’re great brushers at home.

Dental cleanings help the dentist examine teeth and gums.

Regular cleanings and exams help you stay on top of your dental health. Dental problems can sneak up on anyone, especially in children who might still be learning how to brush. Cleanings allow your child’s dentist to catch problems early and treat them on time.

Dental cleanings remove build-up and tartar

Your child’s saliva contains calcium. This helps protect their teeth, but it can also build up into calcium deposits. A Lafayette children’s dentist is familiar with calcium deposits in children, including brown, black, or tooth-colored ivory. Over time, calcium deposits can develop into calculus or tartar. Bacteria can grow in the tartar and infect your child’s gums, causing severe problems. Regular cleaning removes these deposits and helps avoid problems.

Dental cleanings create good habits

Visiting the dentist is a learned skill. You can help encourage lifelong dental health by taking your children to have their teeth cleaned when they’re young. This builds good memories of the dentist’s office for kids, making them more likely to take care of their teeth as they grow up.

What Are The Steps Of A Professional Teeth Cleaning?

When you’re looking for a pediatric dentist near home, keep in mind that a professional teeth cleaning doesn’t need to be scary. Talk with your child about what to expect in these basic steps.

1. Flossing

Just like flossing at home, your dental technician will remove any bits of food stuck between the teeth.

2. Removing tartar and plaque

Next, an ultrasonic instrument is used to wash away large pieces of tartar. Any more minor parts of tartar are removed with scalers and curettes. These tools might have scary-sounding names, but they’re small and painless in reality.

3. Teeth polishing

After cleaning, your child’s teeth will be polished using a spinning rubber device and protective paste. If your child is worried about having tartar removed, they might be relieved to know that tooth polishing feels like it tickles.

4. Applying Fluoride

Depending on your child’s age and dental history, your Lafayette kids dentist may apply Fluoride to protect the teeth. If this is the case, your child shouhttps://bozicdds.com/ldn’t eat for thirty minutes to an hour after leaving the office.

A dental cleaning can take up to an hour, but it’s never painful. Please help your child understand the steps ahead of time to reduce fear and increase their confidence. Explore our Pediatric Dentist in Indianapolis to help your child