Maintaining Kids’ Invisalign: Key Cleaning Tips

Seven out of ten persons confess to having dental insecurities. 57% of people laugh with their lips covered because they are so insecure. As a result, around 61% of Americans wish they could alter something about their teeth. Consider Invisalign if you’re self-conscious about the way your child’s smile looks. Your dentist at Pediatric Dentist Indianapolis IN may recommend that you begin Invisalign treatment.

Understanding routine Invisalign maintenance is crucial before beginning treatment. Making mistakes when cleaning your Invisalign aligners might affect how your smile looks. For instance, stained aligners can sometimes make your smile appear bland and unclean. Meanwhile, germs can affect how well your medication works.

Don’t allow these errors to occur! Instead, continue reading to discover how to clean Invisalign trays correctly right now.

No consuming or drinking while wearing aligners

One of the primary benefits of transparent aligners is their simplicity of usage. Imagine having whatever food or drink you desire while getting your teeth straightened! No more cables with food caught between them or damaged brackets.

But trying to eat while wearing transparent aligners is a typical error made by new users. You should take out your aligners before consuming anything but water. Aligners can be damaged if you chew while wearing them, and it’s also quite painful.

Not rinsing your aligners

Taking off your Invisalign trays before meals is insufficient. When you remove your trays, it’s crucial to rinse them. On the Invisalign trays, germs and saliva would otherwise stay.

Before each meal, remove your aligners in front of a mirror in the restroom. In front of the sink, observe yourself taking out your aligners. You will have a visible cue to wash them off if you do it that way. Make sure you store your aligners in your case after rinsing them. To prevent the growth of germs, close the case.

It’s also critical to keep in mind that washing your trays does not serve as a substitute for cleaning them. Every night, be sure to completely clean your Invisalign trays. If not, you could subsequently discover that cleaning them is more challenging.

Do not use toothpaste

For your teeth, what toothpaste? Good. For your Invisalign, toothpaste? Very poor! You could find folks advocating toothpaste if you Google “how to clean aligners.” That, however, is not the best for the longevity of your aligners. Abrasive substances included in toothpaste may be safe for teeth but are not recommended for use with aligners.

The aligners could taste and smell weird if toothpaste is used. It may also discolor or taint them. And a pair of stained aligners is the last thing you want to have in your mouth for 20 to 22 hours! Avoid washing them with abrasive soaps, mouthwash, and alcohol, to add to the list. And by no means put them in the dishwasher! Your aligners might be irreversibly harmed by the extremely hot water.

After Removal, Rinse

Therefore, you must remove your aligners and place them in their case before you eat. Wrong! This straightforward error is frequently made, resulting in filthy aligners.

The secret is to always rinse your Invisalign aligners before putting them back in their case. This technique keeps them looking and smelling good! Not to mention controlling germs. Remove them in front of a mirror for a simple reminder to not neglect this step. If you’re doing this, you’ll typically be close to a sink, providing you a visual cue to rinse. You might also try adding a small note to your case telling you to rinse, rinse, rinse!

Keep your aligners safe

The best method to store your Invisalign while not in use is in the protected aligner case. When it comes to Invisalign for kids, it’s also impossible to create the habit. However, cramming the aligners into a bag while sprinting for the bus will undoubtedly harm them. Teach your kids the value of utilizing the case to help them take better care of the aligners. By selecting a personalized or ornamental aligner case, you may also encourage them to recall. They are more inclined to utilize something if they enjoy looking at it!

Review your flossing procedure

Your dental health routine must include flossing. That’s something your dentist at Kids Dentist Indianapolis IN has undoubtedly said a million times, but do you heed their counsel? In actuality, 58% of individuals don’t!

Yes, more than half of us don’t ever floss. The greatest approach to get rid of plaque, avoid gingivitis, and freshen your breath is to floss. It’s also an important step with Invisalign to prevent bacterial growth within your aligners.

Placing your aligners in without flossing exposes the trays to minute food particles. The secret is to discover the ideal dentist at Childrens Dentist Indianapolis IN who can assist you in refining your technique. They may demonstrate the proper method to floss so you can maintain the cleanliness of your Invisalign.

It’s crucial to keep Invisalign trays clean

Finally, and maybe most critically, you must regularly clean your Invisalign aligner trays. First-time users frequently commit the fatal error of never taking off their aligners. Give your teeth a much-needed vacation, though! And make use of that opportunity to thoroughly clean your trays. Giving your Invisalign a short bath once a day can effectively clean it.

The most typical soaking solution is water and liquid soap. Add a few drops of mild soap to some warm water, then stir until bubbles appear. After leaving your aligners in for 20 to 30 minutes, gently clean them with a soft-bristle brush.

You might also add vinegar to some water and let it sit for 20 minutes. Use a solution of one part vinegar to three parts lukewarm water for this technique, then rinse after soaking. If you truly want a spotless pair of aligners, you may also use one spoonful of baking soda and a cup of water.

For healthy teeth, avoid common Invisalign cleaning mistakes

If you take care of your Invisalign aligners, they will continue to work well. As you go about your day, keep these typical Invisalign cleaning errors in mind. Are your clear aligners giving you trouble, or are you prepared to obtain Invisalign at last? Your go-to place for Invisalign is Children Dental Center Indianapolis IN! For a free consultation, get in contact. Pediatric Dentistry Indianapolis IN is eager to assist you in achieving the smile of your dreams.