Children’s Cracked Teeth: Causes and Prevention

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You have surely considered your child’s teeth if you are always concerned about their health. Children take part in a variety of activities; thus, it is important to encourage them. However, some of the activities could cause tooth problems for children.

Children frequently have teeth that are cracked or damaged. Your youngster might have one or more fractured teeth as a result of jaw trauma. Your youngster can have a tooth knocked out in extreme circumstances. And regrettably, your youngster might not put in enough effort to stop this.

Children seldom consider protection while they play or engage in their favorite sports. Because of this, many young people may be seen playing ball or riding bikes without safety equipment. So, it is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to assist youngsters in avoiding cracked teeth. You should try to limit the number of emergency trips you make to the Kids Dentist Indianapolis IN until your youngster can understand the value of caring for their teeth.

And we can assist. Through this post, we provide professional guidance on how to assist your kid to prevent a cracked or broken tooth. But first, let’s look at some of the other reasons why young children’s teeth might fracture or chip.

  1. What leads to children’s chipped or cracked teeth?

Along with accidents from falls, sports, and physical activity, your child might break teeth as a result of

  • Dental decay: Finally, the enamel is weakened by tooth decay. A tooth is more likely to shatter if its enamel is poor. Tooth decay is brought on by consuming sugar and carbonated beverages, and regrettably, kids consume a lot of foods that have an acidic effect on their teeth. Long-term dental decay causes cracking and might even result in tooth loss.
  • Consuming hard food: Cracked and broken teeth can also be brought on by hard foods like ice and candies. Although the enamel is robust, it is very delicate. Candy’s sugar erodes tooth enamel, making penetration simpler. As a result, your child’s teeth are more prone to chip and break if they consume an excessive amount of candies and hard foods.
  • Teeth grinding: A frequent ailment among kids is teeth grinding. The patient grinds his or her teeth by rubbing the upper and lower jaws together. Most kids do it unintentionally, which might be brought on by stress, earaches, tooth misalignment, teething, or worry. Continuous teeth grinding weakens the enamel, increasing the risk of cracking or fracturing the teeth.
  • Disease: Children with certain neurological disorders, such as epilepsy and cerebral palsy, are more likely to have accidents. As a result, your youngster is more prone to developing fractured teeth.
  1. How to protect your child’s teeth from cracking

Encourage wearing protective gear when doing sports

During games and sports, your youngster can forget to or be reluctant to put on their helmet or mouthguard. As a result, it is your responsibility to urge your child to use safety equipment when participating in contact sports and other activities.

To assist your child, comprehend and be more accepting of wearing safety gear, explain the necessity of it to them. Protective clothing is also available in their favorite themes, hues, and characters. They will be inspired to wear the equipment as a result.

Additionally, you may match your outfit and set an example. Your youngster will be more likely to wear protective gear if you demonstrate that adults also need to wear it. To cover your child’s face from touch, spend money on face shields, helmets, and even mouth guards.

Purchase a quality mouthguard

Next, spend money on a quality nightly mouthguard. The majority of individuals grind their teeth as they sleep. The enamel is worn down by this nighttime unconscious tooth grinding. Purchase an excellent mouthguard if you see your child is having a problem with teeth grinding.

To lessen the impacts of teeth grinding, encourage your youngster to sleep with the mouth guard on. This will prevent cracking and chipping brought on by enamel sensitivity. You can aid your child in overcoming tension and worry, which can lead to teeth grinding. Helping your youngster overcome test anxiety will prevent them from grinding their teeth

As an alternative, you might discuss bruxism with Children Dental Center Indianapolis IN. Your dentist at Childrens Dentist Indianapolis IN should provide you with practical tips for stopping your teeth from grinding.

Instilling good oral hygiene practices

For kids, tooth decay is rather prevalent. In actuality, the majority of individuals can recall experiencing tooth decay at some point during their youth. Kids’ teeth are more vulnerable to decay for two key reasons.

Particularly around the holidays, kids consume more candy and sugary food than adults. Sugar and the bacteria that live on teeth interact to form acidic solutions that erode the enamel. Cracking and chipping result from dental decay, which is brought on by this.

Children are also less attentive than adults when cleaning and flossing their teeth. Most kids consider it to be a hassle and won’t attempt to practice good hygiene. Additionally, some kids find brushing and flossing uncomfortable. Poor oral hygiene promotes the development of germs that results in tooth decay. Children will take better care of their teeth if they are taught the value of oral hygiene. As a result, show your youngster how to brush and floss properly. To promote brushing, use flavor-infused toothpaste

Get them additional dental goods with their preferred themes or animation to promote good oral care habits.

Avoid sweets and other crunchy foods

Finally, tell your kid not to eat items that are too hard, including ice and candy. To maintain dental strength, encourage your child to sip rather than smash popsicles if they like doing so. In place of popsicles, you may instead serve soft ice cream.

Encourage your youngster to eat more fruits and veggies rather than candies as well. You may substitute apples, carrots, and pears since they provide a satisfying crunch without harming the teeth. Avoid hard and sticky candies if you must hand out sweets.

Frequently see Pediatric Dentist Indianapolis IN

Make sure you go to the Pediatric Dentistry Indianapolis IN frequently. The growth of a child’s teeth is crucial. As a result, you must make sure you go to the dentist frequently. A pediatric dentist can provide advice on how to prevent cracked and chipped teeth.