Why Invisalign is Ideal for Kids: Insights

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Unbelievably, more than four million individuals use Invisalign or braces to straighten their teeth. Your toddler or teen is not alone if they require some orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth or repair a crooked bite. Additionally, you have the option of giving your child conventional braces or Invisalign. While both will assist in giving your child the smile they deserve, Invisalign has a few special advantages that conventional braces do not.

What you should know is as follows.

Encourages responsibility

Your child must wear their aligners for 22–24 hours a day if you select Invisalign for them for the therapy to be effective. Along with diligently storing the aligners in the case while not in use, kids will also need to rinse and disinfect their aligners once a day to get rid of bacteria. It’s also essential for them to brush their teeth after every meal to get rid of any potential bacterial buildup in the aligners.

While they might first require some support and reassurance, Invisalign helps children learn responsibility for their dental health.

Low maintenance is required

Throughout therapy, traditional braces require a lot of maintenance and care. Your youngster must properly and thoroughly brush them to keep them clean. Additionally, if your youngster doesn’t watch what they eat, the brackets may come off.

They will thus require more regular maintenance visits and tightening procedures with Children Dental Center Indianapolis IN. Kids’ Invisalign is significantly simpler to maintain. All your youngster needs to do is remember to wear the trays throughout therapy and keep them clean.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about making those regular Childrens Dentist Indianapolis IN sessions because the trays are shipped to your home. There is no tightening, missed school days, or demanding brackets to be concerned about.

Boosts confidence in children and teens

Unfortunately, having conventional braces typically leads to bullying of children and teenagers. They could become embarrassed and reluctant to grin as a result. Even worse, it could undermine their self-esteem, turning someone quiet who would otherwise be extroverted. Additionally, it may be difficult for them to happily put up with their whole orthodontic treatment.


For kids and teenagers, Invisalign is essentially undetectable. Most individuals won’t even be aware that they are wearing anything at all after they grow used to speaking with the trays in.

This indicates that their orthodontic treatment will adjust more easily and quickly. And you’ll see their smile more often the more assured they feel about it. When social situations are already difficult for kids, Invisalign can make acquiring the necessary orthodontic care simpler and less traumatic.

Engaging in sport

Invisalign can be a better option if your child plays sports competitively. When wearing metal braces, there is a higher chance of damaging a bracket or chipping a tooth. Because Invisalign covers and shields the teeth, the danger of dental accidents is reduced. Your child may store their aligners in the case for safety if they must use a mouthguard.

If they’re wearing them, you’ll notice

Traditional braces are popular among parents since they eliminate any concerns about whether their children are wearing them. They must be removed by Kids Dentist Indianapolis IN since they are permanently fixed. Because the Invisalign trays are detachable, it’s normal to wonder if your children are using them when you’re not looking. They must thus wear indicators that are built into the trays.

The signs will disappear if they are using the trays as instructed. When they remove them, you’ll see a tiny blue dot on the rear of the tray if they’re not. You should make an appointment with Pediatric Dentist Indianapolis IN if they are not wearing their Invisalign as directed. Your teen may develop a plan to ensure they are wearing the trays properly with their assistance in understanding why it is crucial.

You don’t have to concern yourself with their food

Teenagers and children may eat anything they want without worrying about damaging their teeth thanks to Invisalign. As a result, anything is fair game, including apples, bubble gum, and even corn on the cob! Their teeth will be in good health as long as they take out the trays when they’re eating and brush them afterward. You won’t have to be concerned about food crumbs getting caught in the wires, bands, or brackets.

They’re far more comfortable

Even once your child gets acclimated to the metal brackets in traditional braces—which are not sharp—they might still be uncomfortable for them. As they chat, the brackets scrape against their lips and sit against the skin of their cheeks, which can soon lead to blisters. They are not at all comfortable, despite being treated and controlled.

Even worse, the ache keeps coming back after each tightening visit. With Invisalign, teeth may be straightened and orthodontic problems can be resolved without the need for bothersome metal brackets and wires.

Cleaning your child’s teeth is simpler with Invisalign

You must frequently clean and floss your teeth if you want to take good care of them. This promotes gum health and eliminates dangerous germs that hasten tooth decay. It’s challenging to perform as well as you should if wires, brackets, and braces are in the way. This may disrupt children’s and teenagers’ otherwise excellent oral hygiene routines.

Without a specialized threader or equipment, flossing is practically impossible. Additionally, the toothbrush’s bristles frequently catch on the brackets, preventing them from slipping in between the teeth. Children and teenagers who use Invisalign can continue to use their regular brushing and flossing techniques. They are even urged to continue doing it throughout the day. It makes reinstalling the trays more bearable. Additionally, the more effectively they can maintain their dental health, the fewer problems they’ll face when their therapy is finished.

Final reflections

Consider these advantages when deciding between traditional braces and Invisalign for kids if your child or adolescent requires orthodontic treatment. Though every situation is different, and some kids will benefit more from conventional braces, Invisalign is a viable option.

Making an appointment with Pediatric Dentistry Indianapolis IN is the greatest way to learn which option is best for your kid. Call us right now to schedule an Invisalign consultation.